Video Clip QuickTool - Freeware

Videos recorded by mobile devices have a hotchpotch of different video formats and orientations, it's difficult to view and edit on computer. Video Clip QuickTool can help you overcome these problems, bringing your mobile phone clips back to life. This handy tool can convert old video clip to new video formats, rotate video clip, edit rotation metadata, crop video frame, cut video clip, adjust fast-slow motion and sound tempo. If simple is better in your case, then Video Clip QuickTool is a rather good choice.

A simple way to cut, rotate and flip video clips
Video Clip QuickTool provides a quick and convenient manner to perform basic editing operations to your videos, especially those who you recorded using a phone. The range of formats it supports includes some of the most popular types of video files, and the list of output formats is even broader.




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